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Heating and cooling under control

You can control your heater, radiator and air conditioner from a mobile phone even when you are not at home.

Save energy with Cosa

A house can overheat during the daytime if a room thermostat is not used. A room thermostat can prevent unnecessary energy loss by keeping the temprature of a house constant. Cosa, unlike a regular room thermostat, can help you to save on energy while you are sleeping or out of home with the help of it's smart modes and easy to use user interface.

Let Cosa Manage Your Heating and Cooling

Home Mode

Adjust your home mode temperature to what you feel comfortable with. Cosa will make sure your target temperature will stay stable and won’t exceed your set point to save energy.

Sleep Mode

With the help of the Sleep mode you could decrease your temperature 1 or 2 degrees while you are sleeping. It is healthier and you will save energy during all night.


Away Mode

Your house does not need to keep warm when you are not at home. You can further decrease away mode temperature and avoid waste energy.


Your voice is your remote!

Thanks to the voice control, you can easily control your heating and cooling at your home. 

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Individual heating or cooling

Smart Room Thermostat

  • Boiler or AC control
  • Mobile control and smart features

Central or district heating

Smart Radiator Control
  • Central or district heating
  • Room based control and smart features

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