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Terms of Use

All rights of www.smartcosa.com website (Web site) of Nuvia Enerji Teknolojileri San.and Tic. (Nuvia) and this document have been prepared to inform the users about theconditions of use. Nuvia reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time.

Please read the terms written below before using the website. By visiting this website, the User shall be deemed to have read and accepted the provisions of these Terms of Use.

* Legal and penal responsibility for each transaction and action performed by the user in the website belongs to him / her. The User may use the website in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations, rules and laws regarding internet use; and the use hereby accepts, declares and undertakes they will not use it against law, fraudulent or improper use for any reason other than the purpose and they will not participate in an action in this direction and will not act in a way that violates this agreement.

* The user may not carry out actions to harm in any way the web site or its suppliers, goods or services, content, software, encryption system and data or prevent access, overload or damage operations and may not interfere with its operation.

* The user cannot use the applications or services on the website in a way that prevents other users from benefiting.

* All information and content that the user shares through the website is the property of the user and all responsibility for such information belongs to him / her.

* User hereby accepts, declares and undertakes that they acknowledge our services are in accordance with the instructions and information provided on our website, they read and understood and in case they do not obey these instructions or they cannot receive service from Nuvia or its owners for any reason, they will not make a claim or a claim for compensation from Nuvia or its owners in any way.

* Nuvia is not responsible and liable to investigate and verify the accuracy of the information and contents uploaded, exchanged and provided to the website by the user and that such information and contents are safe, correct and lawful.

* In all kinds of posts, comments to be made by using the website or posts shared in the forums; any application containing hateful, threatening, pornographic content, obscene visuals or violent content containing alcohol or adult content (including advertisements) cannot be developed and / or installed and / or operated. This website may not be used for an illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purpose.

* In your comments on the website; slander, humiliation, defamatory and illegal content or sentences cannot be used. Expressions that violate the general morality, offend personality rights and transgress the limits of criticism by third parties; comments that contain profanity, obscene words and racist expressions cannot be used. Comments disclosing the personal information, identity, phone, e-mail address, etc. of our other users cannot be made.

* All kinds of content and the contents provided with the website are for personal use only. All rights of the website related to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works belong to Nuvia. All software, articles, items, photographs, pictures, documents, sounds, signs, videos and similar works of the website are protected within the framework of related legislation. None of the content on the website may be used without the prior written consent of Nuvia. These contents may not be copied in any way or with any technology for any purpose; it cannot be reproduced, modified, developed, used without notice or permission and cannot be distributed.

* Nuvia reserves the right to change the information, forms, contents and terms of use of this website at any time without notice.

* Terms of Use which are an integral part of the ‘’Membership Agreement’’ made with our members who will benefit from Nuvia services are left accessible to all our users on our website. * For your further questions regarding the Terms of Use, please contact us at support@smartcosa.com.