Cosa And Saving | #smartcosa

How Does Cosa Save?

In homes without a thermostat where the heater runs all day, the temperature inside the house constantly changes according to external weather conditions. When outside temperature decreases, so will the temperature inside your home, unless the operating temperature of the heater is increased. As a result, the internal temperature of the house will be one that constantly fluctuates based on external weather conditions.

Room thermostats are gadgets that enable our heating equipment to work as much as needed to get our homes to the desired temperature and keep it there. Not only will this enable to keep our home at a constant temperature— that makes us comfortable—but it also helps us to lower natural gas consumption as the heater works only as much as needed.

On the other hand, programmable thermostats allow you to set your home to different temperatures during specific days and hours. When we lower the thermostat temperature setting by just 1 degree, we will save around 5-8% natural gas, so it’s possible for us to save even more by lowering our thermostat settings when we’re out of the house or sleeping. For instance, by lowering the temperature just 2 degrees when we’re sleeping and 4 degrees when we’re outside of the home, it’s possible for us to achieve additional savings of 12-15%, depending on user habits, as compared to retaining a constant thermostat temperature.

Since Cosa controls heaters based on whether the users are at home, asleep or away, the system can generate greater energy savings as compared to regular thermostat use. For instance, let’s consider the case of a user who wakes up at 07:00, leaves the house at 08:00, returns home at 19:00 and goes to bed at 00:00. Without the use of a thermostat, the heater will remain at a constant temperature all day. Yet by lowering the temperature 2 degrees at night, the user can save around 5% energy through the night, with additional savings of 15% during the day when no one is at home and 10% during evening hours—for a total energy saving ratio of around 30%. As a summary, Cosa not only helps us achieve savings of around 30%, but it also lets us enjoy the comfort of keeping our homes at our desired temperature.